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I Hate To Keep Bringing This Shit Up

Whale Shit

Whale Shit

Turns out the expression “lower than whale shit” is totally inaccurate.  Who knew?

There’s no getting the iron to the top unless a whale dives way down and gets it…by eating something iron-rich like squid. There’s too much pressure at the bottom of the ocean to allow whales to poop, so they have to hold it until they come up for air, and then they let fly, and do so abundantly. Now there’s a crapload of iron at the surface.  Read, learn, be amused all to hell…

Blue Whale Mating Song Recorded in New York Waters

The monitoring began in March 2008 to record the northward migration of right whales from their calving grounds off Florida’s east coast to their feeding grounds off Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. In addition to the calls of right whales, the recorders picked up the blue whale voices.

“These endangered blue whales are the largest animals ever to have lived on this planet, and their voices can travel across an ocean. It’s just amazing to hear one singing out there on New York’s ocean stage only tens of miles from Carnegie Hall and Broadway!” said Christopher Clark, director of Cornell’s Bioacoustics Research Program, who identified the blue whale songs. … Blue Whale Mating Song Recorded in New York Waters