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A US Soldier Waterboards His Own Child

A US Soldier Waterboards His Own Child – The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan

No US paper has yet to report the story. Why am I not surprised?

Right-Wing Blowhards Afraid To Put Their Bodies On The Line

by Bill Webb (Crackerboy)

Y’know, personally I find the “Mancow” character who broadcasts out of Chicago one of the most offensive jackasses on the planet. He’s a couple of notches down from what’s-his-name, the Oxycontin addict, but not far.

In one respect I have to hand it to him, though. He is the ONLY — that’s O-N-L-Y — right-wing jackass who has had the nerve to put his money where his mouth is regarding waterboarding and torture, and furthermore to admit he was wrong afterward.

ONLY includes Dick Cheney Continue reading

Right-wing talk show host gets waterboarded (sort of) on the air, lasts 6 seconds

Remember: he wasn’t tied up, helpless, and under the total control of people who he was convinced hated him.

Only trouble with this is, now that they’ve seen how to do it, a bunch of kids will be trying it. Look for it to appear in frat houses, too.