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Banks Get Bailout, Raise Credit Card Rates — You Can Help: Please Read And Take Action NOW!

After getting hundreds of billions from taxpayers, banks want to reach into your pocket again.

You recently wrote to your Senators, demanding action on credit cards. Lawmakers are considering more bailouts, but still haven’t addressed our credit card woes, so now we need you to help spread the word.

Please take a moment right now to forward this email to people you know so they can tell their own Senators to rein in the credit card companies.

Your friends can click here to take action and watch our newest holiday song and animation.

Over the past decade, credit card banks offered us trillions more in credit than we actually wanted. Sending dozens of offers a year by mail, hawking cards to college students without regard to their ability to pay, and offering ever more attractive balance transfer deals, they captured millions of new customers.

Now they want to switch the deal–just because they can.

The House has already passed a strong bill–thanks in part to your strong support. Now, it’s up to the Senate. The Senate bill will stop the banks from hiking interest rates and fees on your credit card balances for no reason. It will require banks to allocate a portion of your payment to higher-interest balances. And it will finally set some limits on giving credit cards to young people.

Please forward this message to everyone you know–we need as many people as possible to act right now, while Congress is back in session.

The proposal is tough, and the banks don’t like it. But they already got what they wanted–$700 billion taxpayer dollars to bail them out from their own mistakes. American card holders aren’t asking for a bailout…just a fair system so they can reasonably pay down their debt.

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