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Best Blog Line Of The Week:

We haven’t been here very long, geologically speaking. Even less long, if your religious tradition requires you to subscribe to the best science available to goatherds three thousand years ago.  –  Murrmurrs

Russian spacecraft falls from the sky. Is the International Space Station in trouble?

Well if it is, we’re in no position to do anything about it.  Those people in DC are all Cold War kids like me.  How DARE they let us get in a situation where we’re no longer the top dogs on the Final Frontier!

The loss of the Progress freighter, which was carrying three tons of food, fuel, and water to the ISS, is the second embarrassing loss of a Russian space vehicle in barely a week, and the third so far this year. Last week, an Express AM-4 telecommunications satellite failed to separate from its Proton-M carrier rocket, and had to be jettisoned.