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Jeb Bush proved he can lead with courage — OrlandoSentinel.com

Some political hack babbles:

As Floridians ask who would best succeed Martinez in the Senate, I believe that the best and most logical successor is Jeb Bush — not because he has proven that he can win, but because he has proven that he can lead.

via Jeb Bush proved he can lead with courage — OrlandoSentinel.com.

Whence cometh this stupid idea that Senators and Representatives are supposed to lead? Governors, yes.  Presidents, yes.  Military personnel, yes.  But it is not the job of people in Congress, and never has been.

We have an executive branch to lead.  The legislative branch of government is supposed to listen to the constituency, legislate according to their preferences, and advise the executive and consent to its actions — all with the guidance of the people.  They are listeners, occasionally counselors when cooler heads must prevail, but the … very … last … thing we want from them is leadership.  We are supposed to lead them. We have enough problems keeping the people we elected to lead under control!

This is another of the ridiculous misunderstandings that became inevitable when we stopped teaching basic civics in the schools.  Let’s re-elect the man who brought civics back to Florida schools — Bob Graham.  He understands how things are supposed to work.

Mary Ann Lindley lists a few of my other concerns, including:

It is too soon to think that his ascendency to the U.S. Senate would automatically do anything to ease what has become almost global animosity towards his brother. Besides, Bush is an executive branch kind of guy; he isn’t famous for playing well with others, as is essential in that collegial legislative club of 100.  MORE>>>