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I have always been fascinated by tiny things.  I love miniatures that work, like tiny flashlights or little tools that are capable of much more than one would expect.  I know exactly when that fascination came about (related to a book I much enjoyed as a small boy), and even in the knowing it has never waned.  Given a choice, I’ll go for small and compact.

One of the things I love about photography is the little surprises.  I’m always taking pictures that surprise me in little ways.  Often, even when I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about a shot, or looking at something from different angles, I’ll look at the image onscreen and see something I hadn’t noticed — a highlight, a reflection, a little detail in the background.  These are the little things that keep me fascinated.  

Another of my photographic fascinations is the tiny, unnoticed things around us.  I love photographing the tiny flowers that others pass without noticing, the bugs that others don’t see.  Often I get one of the surprises I mentioned in unseen insects.  I took the above picture of a sunflower, backlighted by the sun (another favorite thing of mine) on a flying trip through the Nebraska Sand Hills last summer.  Jumped out of the Explorer, snapped the shot, and promptly forgot about it.  Back home in Florida, when I looked closely while editing, I discovered not one, but four little surprises.  Did you see them when you first looked at it?

What We Did At The Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival

Michele and I had one of the nicest weekends we’ve spent in years, and I’d like to tell you about it.

For a couple of years I’ve been friends with Julie Zickefoose, writer, artist, NPR commentator, and well-known birder. Julie’s husband, Bill Thompson III, is editor of Bird Watcher’s Digest, and both he and Julie lead birding trips all over the world.


When Julie mentioned that she would be in Titusville, FL, for the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival, my conversation with Shel was like, Me: “Honey, Julie and the kids are going to be at the birding festival in Titusville. Want to go?” Her: “Sure!” Reservations for a room, the festival, Julie’s keynote talk, and a nature walk on which she and her son were co-leaders ensued rapidly — like within minutes — and arrangements were made to hook up with Julie, her daughter Phoebe and son Liam at the festival.

On Friday, Shel and I hopped in the Hyundai and I-95’d northward. Continue reading

Thailand closes dive sites to halt damage to reefs | Reuters

More than half of southern Thailand’s 15,000 hectares of coral reefs are suffering from bleaching, or the shedding of coral colors, a phenomenon caused largely by rising sea temperatures over an extended period, officials said.

via Thailand closes dive sites to halt damage to reefs | Reuters.