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Rob the poor, give to the rich. Same as usual.

Report: Debt will swell under top GOP hopefuls’ tax plans – The Washington Post

Quote of the Day

Why is it that Republicans don’t want government involved when it comes to the economy (opposing the auto bailouts) but do want government involved when it comes to telling people how to live their lives?
~ Maureen Dowd

Uff Da! Viking Blood!

Meet Murr Brewster, if you haven’t already.  If she didn’t exist, I’d have had to invent her — except I’m not that clever.  Read — Rejoice!  You have a new addiction just waiting to happen.

When I was the age I should have been reading about spunky girl detectives or Victorian maids, my dad brought home a copy of Njal’s Saga, finally in paperback after a thousand years in vellum. Njal’s was one of several Norse sagas originating in tenth-century Iceland, and I devoured it. I’m not sure why. I might have been trying to locate some sign of gusto in my heritage. I’d already preferred to think of my own origins as leaning to the Norwegian side, although it was not a spicy bunch, my maternal relatives pale and mild-mannered and modest to a fault. I discounted the contribution from my dour Puritan forebears who were brought into the gene pool to introduce blotchiness. But I simply had nothing in the way of ethnicity….  Read more…