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Last night I had a long conversation with a guy about UFOs — him for, more or less; me skeptical.  But this morning I was looking at the image below, snapped near Okeechobee, FL on Friday last as we were driving to a high school reunion, and by golly!  There was a UFO, plain as day, hovering over some cows in the lower right.  Probably going to beam a couple up for some of that famous probing.

I’d been planning to use the photo as wallpaper on the phone, but clearly it was more important than that!

Closer examination revealed two more of the strange objects climbing into the clouds, at an improbable angle, in the upper left center.  No doubt they had already picked up their subjects and were headed back to the Mother Ship.  (They hide the MS in the clouds, you know.)

These were clearly unidentified somethings, and certainly subject to use as proof of strange happenings over Okeechobee, were one so inclined.  What do you think they are?  Hmmmmmm?

Look in the lower right and upper left. Suspicious, no?