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The ‘West Memphis Three’ and combating cognitive biases – latimes.com

This article is illustrative of a problem that exists in a great many other areas.

The ‘West Memphis Three’ and combating cognitive biases – latimes.com.

A “Quiet Moment”

The remarkable thing about what happened on the Senate floor Monday night was that it was utterly unremarkable.

The matter under consideration – the nomination of the first openly gay man to serve on the federal bench – would at one time have been a flashpoint in the culture wars. But Paul Oetken was confirmed without a word of objection on the Senate floor and with hardly a mention in the commentariat…..


Anthony Weiner, victim of a digital mob

Aaaamen! Aaaaamen! AAAAMEN. Amen. Amen. Hallalujah!

People who consider themselves independent, well-informed thinkers played right into Andrew Breitbart’s hands. Suckers. Now let’s see if the Dem. candidate who runs for the seat to replace the well-liked Weiner can beat the Republican. Did Nancy Pelosi and the President just give away a House seat? Suckers!

You would think that just one member of Congress would suggest that Weiner’s privacy was worth protecting, even if his actions were not and the man himself a creep. You would think there’d be a chorus denouncing the parasites in the media whose sustenance is the misery of others and insisting that not until a law is broken should citizens be deprived of representation. After all, polls taken at the time suggested Weiner’s constituents still supported him, somehow distinguishing between his private life and his public service. More than a tree grows in Brooklyn. Common sense does, too….

Anthony Weiner, victim of a digital mob – The Washington Post.