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Oh for Pete’s sake!

I guess it’s too late to pass a law against selling cameras to people who “capture” images. However, be it known: cameras capture images. People make photographs or take pictures.

That is all.

I Don’t Capture Images

I just take pictures.

I was young once, and I quite understand the need for self-validation, but the pretension of some of the online photography community gets to me after a while.  Jargon in general annoys me. I’ve been in two professions that were loaded with it. In both — aviation and law enforcement — the jargon began as a means to clarify communication (and, in the case of cops, to sound official), but then worked its way into common speech and became the dialect of the in crowd.

Understandable. However, putting on the dog just for its own sake, when perfectly good terminology already exists, is off-putting to many of us who use language to make a living. Calling a photograph a “capture” rather than the shot, picture or photo that have been in common use for a century, smacks of a need to dignify one’s work oneself, rather like calling your work “fine art” instead of letting the critics decide.

I don’t know.. maybe I’m just a crotchety old fart, but I’ll  continue to take pictures anyway. The jargon slingers will have to decide if they’re captures.

“The American People”

Have you ever noticed how certain politicians use the phrase “The American People want…” as a virtual mantra, without ever specifying any figures to back up the statement?  You watch.  When you hear that phrase, it’s always in a context where someone wants to give an idea weight, but doesn’t have (or want to show) the figures.

Well, y’know what?  Some of my ancestors go back to the 17th Century in “America,” and others were here to meet the boat.  I’m without question an American person, and I resent being lumped into a bunch of sloppy statistics to make questionable statements look more valid.

Just sayin’.