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Who Wants Taxes To Be More Complicated?

The only thing standing in the way of 15-minute taxes is the insidious lobbying clout of the tax preparation industry—and unfortunately it’s getting worse even as technology should be making it better.  Read More at Salon

The I.R.S.’s Top Twelve Tax Scams

We all know about phishing, but that’s just one of a whole batch of tricks identified by the IRS in its annual “dirty dozen” list of the most common tax scams.

There are five newcomers to this year’s list — many of them the result of incorrect or misleading advice from tax preparers or bogus scheme promoters, and some of them just false information entered on tax returns.

Since it’s tax season, this week we take you through the full dirty dozen countdown.


via Scambusters – The I.R.S.’s Top Twelve Tax Scams.