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Andrew Jackson’s Lucky Day

The first attempt to assassinate a president was on Andrew Jackson by Richard Lawrence, a house painter. Both of his guns misfired, however – an event that statisticians say should occur only once in 125,000 times. Andrew Jackson then chased Lawrence with his walking stick. – Provided by RandomHistory.com

Old Houses in Martin and St. Lucie Counties

Yesterday my friend Jim Pike and I drove up to the Hobe Sound, Jensen Beach, Ft. Pierce areas to look at some old homes that won’t be around much longer, along with some that are being deservedly preserved.  Here are some that we saw.  The homes shown here suffered hurricane damage a few years ago, and were never repaired.  Such a shame.


Elvis Presley Appears on The Ed Sullivan Show (1956)

Presley was one of the 20th century’s most popular American singers. His first national television appearance was in 1955 on Jackie Gleason’s Stage Show, but it was his 1956 appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show that made him a national sensation. His pelvic gyrations caused a scandal but earned him millions of adoring, often female, fans. That same year he released his first million-selling single, “Heartbreak Hotel,” and starred in the first of his 33 movies, which was what? More…