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School Security

Today I can walk onto the campus of any college or university, and of most primary and secondary schools in the country as well, with little or no chance of being challenged or my progress impeded in any way that would be effective if I had slaughter on my mind. So can just about anyone else.

This state of affairs is as shameful as the refusal, in the 1970’s, of the Federal Aviation Administration to mandate reinforced cockpit doors on airliners.  That bit of foot-dragging to save the airlines money allowed the 9/11 tragedies to happen. When we invite people to walk into critical areas, we underwrite whatever happens next. We don’t do it in courthouses. We don’t do it in airports. Why in the name of heaven do we permit it at our schools?

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Man Drops Gun In Grocery Line, Shoots Woman

Man drops gun waiting in line, shoots woman — South Florida Sun-Sentinel.com

JACKSONVILLE – A Jacksonville woman waiting in line at a grocery store was shot when the man in front of her dropped a gun.

Now that’s an argument for at least one kind of gun control.

Muzzle all that gun paranoia

Rather than worry about gun confiscation, responsible gun owners should start worrying about the Second Amendment hysterics that have been driving the gun-ownership bus for too many years. Just as those who favor abortion rights must realize that they also need to reduce the number of abortions, those who favor gun rights must realize that they need to do more to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and just plain idiots.

Advocates of gun rights also should be advocates of more careful, comprehensive background checks and better record-keeping to ensure that pawnshops and private sellers aren’t funneling guns to criminals and crazies. Finding better ways to trace guns and bullets used in crimes should be a goal.

Responsible gun owners also should think about education. …

Muzzle all that gun paranoia

Up until the last 10 years or so, I owned and used guns all my life.  I used to be a NRA Certified Instructor in police pistol and shotgun, and was for many years an avid hunter and collector.  I was an armorer for my department, shot in NRA and IPSC competition, and even ran a gun shop for a couple of years.

Back in about 1980, though, I grew disenchanted with the NRA.  I was still a police instructor so I kept up my membership, but about that time the organization that I used to turn to for sanity in gun advice and training became a whole new critter: a PAC devoted to the gun manufacturing and sporting goods industries, and no longer sane at all.

We need to understand that, regardless of their protestations to the contrary, the NRA and its political base aren’t interested in our rights.  They are interested exclusively in keeping voters stirred up to the point of supporting their (bogus) thesis that “The Left” is out to “Get Our Guns,” and their purpose is simply to bring as much money into their coffers as possible.  Most of the issues they oppose have nothing to do with anyone’s rights, but could impact their bottom lines by somewhat reducing the demand for guns.

These ain’t your grandaddy’s Colt, Smith & Wesson, or Winchester, my friend.  They’re now branches of a worldwide arms dealing network, subsidiaries of companies who couldn’t care less about the rights of a bird hunter in Carolina or Pin-shooter in Indiana. 

Nobody who bothers to think beyond the bullshit in the NRA rag or the ads in sporting magazines imagines that anyone wants to abolish firearms ownership.  That hasn’t even been possible in countries like Canada, that weren’t inundated with guns to begin with.  What responsible people do want to do is reduce the number of guns in the hands of irresponsible people.

So look carefully at the fine print the next time the NRA or some other industry association wants you to fight some legislation.  Think of it as a sensible person with common sense, who can analyze and make their own decisions, not as a mindless robot who responds with salivation and knee-jerks to suggestions that someone wants your guns.  No one does.  We just want to keep them out of the hands of the folks you’re afraid of already — criminals.

Think about it.  No…I mean really THINK.  For a change.