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This has happened to three people I know in the past two weeks.  Read the article.  It’s long.  Read it anyway.  If you don’t, then don’t whine when it happens to you.  It’s your own fault.

As email, documents, and almost every aspect of our professional and personal lives moves onto the “cloud”—remote servers we rely on to store, guard, and make available all of our data whenever and from wherever we want them, all the time and into eternity—a brush with disaster reminds the author and his wife just how vulnerable those data can be. A trip to the inner fortress of Gmail, where Google developers recovered six years’ worth of hacked and deleted e‑mail, provides specific advice on protecting and backing up data now—and gives a picture both consoling and unsettling of the vulnerabilities we can all expect to face in the future.


“Don’t forget Bob!” (Gmail Labs)

Gmail Labs have just released two of their most useful additions to basic Gmail yet: Don’t Forget Bob” and “Got The Right Bob?”  Here’s how they work: I have friends names Steve whom I email a lot.  If I send out an email with several names, and they are not included, Don’t Forget Bob asks me if I intended to include “Steve.”  Since there are three Steves, if I include one the app asks “Got the right Steve?”

If this seems pointless to you, then you don’t send a lot of email, or else don’t have multiple correspondents with the same name.  (Or maybe you’re just not old enough.)  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a hurry and sent something in a group mailing to Steve the IT guy when I meant to send it to Steve the condo manager or to Steve the retired football coach.  Fortunately, they don’t know each other.

If you use Gmail, there are a lot of neat things under the “Labs” tab.  Check ’em out.

Google Unveils Another Communication Revolution — Gmail Paper