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Florida needs to spend more on children

While Florida made improvements in six out of 10 areas, the report calls for “fundamental, urgently needed detention reform,” according to the foundation. The rate of detained and committed children ages 10 to 15 in custody was 165 per 100,000 compared to the 125 per 100,000 children nationwide.

“Florida must engage in a frank and transparent discussion about the importance of investing wisely and attending to Florida’s children. We don’t have a minute to waste,” said Roy Miller, president of the Children’s Campaign. … Report: Florida needs to spend more on children | tallahassee.com | Tallahassee Democrat

Kids don’t seem to count for much in the land of the over-feds and nearly-deads.

Crist signs $66B budget; vetoes 3 items

Crist signs $66B budget; vetoes 3 items

Crist said on Tuesday that he planned to tread carefully when vetoing projects because he recognized the Legislature had already stripped billions in spending and he believed that what’s left may serve to stimulate the state’s weak economy.

Crist sits self in thick of veepstakes

TALLAHASSEE – The signs are everywhere that Gov. Charlie Crist is in the biggest campaign of his political life for a shot at vice presidential running mate to Republican nominee-in-waiting John McCain.

Crist was the guest last month at a thinly veiled “social visit” to McCain’s Arizona home with others who happen to be potential vice presidential picks. He’s appeared at most fund-raisers and appearances McCain has made in Florida since Crist’s endorsement in the Jan. 29 primary sealed the nomination for the Arizona senator.

Crist is a regular on national TV shows with dozens of appearances touting McCain’s candidacy. Meanwhile, Crist has lunched with NBC’s Tim Russert and set-aside one-on-one time with national media like The New York Times and The New Yorker.

Yet when asked how much he thinks about the possibility, he replies: “Not very much at all.”… Crist sits self in thick of veepstakes | Ocala.com | Star-Banner | Ocala, FL

Yeah, and I don’t want a new 3G iPhone with a free data plan, either.