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I’ve managed to keep my flashaholic tendencies under control for a couple of years, but for Father’s Day I got myself a totally unnecessary flashlight to keep up my cred.  As you can see from the photo, this sucker is little. The image is just about life-size if you don’t have the magnification of your screen cranked up.

I am fascinated by small flashlights.  This one is plenty small: 2.2 inches long, and 0.5 inches in diameter.  With an AAA battery installed, it weighs about one ounce.  It’s the first AAA flashlight that I consider actually small enough to keep on a keychain, a good half-inch shorter and much lighter than any other stainless steel light at anything like a reasonable cost.

The Preon PØ has a flood-type beam, rather than the usual halo with a hotspot in the center.  That means it doesn’t reach out as far, but it illuminates a large area evenly.   The Cree EPE emitter (flashlight geek talk for LED) produces a neutral white light, about like a daylight fluorescent bulb.

There are two levels of brightness. Continue reading