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I like fish, but I don’t like fishing.

I’ve no problem at all tucking into a big slab of poached salmon (just did), or catfish sauteed with garlic and tomatoes, or any number of other finny feasts. On the other hand, I consider fishing for sport barbaric and, essentially, torturing animals for amusement.  Is this hypocrisy?  Not necessarily. Continue reading

It ain’t the size of the rod, it’s what you do with it

ELKIN, N.C. – David Hayes’ granddaughter just asked him to hold her Barbie rod and reel while she went to the bathroom. He did. And seconds later he landed the state record channel catfish at 21 pounds, 1 ounce.

Man uses Barbie fishing rod to make record catch – Yahoo! News

Digging In To the Remains of a 400-Year-Old Feast

Digging In To the Remains of a 400-Year-Old Feast

ST. AUGUSTINE, FL — Archaeologist Carl Halbirt digs in the dirt for a living.

But rarely does he have so many kids around his digs.

This week, he and the City of St. Augustine’s Archaeology Crew are uncovering loads of artifacts from the early 1600’s at St. Augustine’s Cathedral Parish School.