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This’ll give the creationists something to rant about.

Gizmodo: Sorry, But This Gross Fish-Worm Is Your Prehistoric Ancestor [Science] http://goo.gl/mag/GFT67

‘Extinct’ tortoises may still be roaming a Galapagos island – latimes.com

A giant tortoise species studied by Charles Darwin and believed to be extinct for more than 150 years may be alive and well, an ambitious genetic survey has revealed.

Blood sampling of more than 1,600 tortoises on the largest Galapagos island, Isabela, has revealed that about 84 of them had at least one purebred parent from a supposedly extinct species that once lived at the other end of the archipelago.

‘Extinct’ tortoises may still be roaming a Galapagos island – latimes.com.

Best Blog Line Of The Week:

We haven’t been here very long, geologically speaking. Even less long, if your religious tradition requires you to subscribe to the best science available to goatherds three thousand years ago.  –  Murrmurrs