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Inland Port Could Interfere With Everglades Restoration

Inland port plan has new hurdle — South Florida Sun-Sentinel.com

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection considers the proposed Palm Beach County location for an industrial distribution center as “incompatible” with efforts to store, clean and redirect water to the Everglades.

What I want to know is, why are we still spending billions on Everglades restoration when every estimate has most of the Glades under water in a couple of hundred years?  Is this a make-work project, or is the money going to line some well-connected pockets?  And how come no one but me talks about stuff like this?  It is not a dumb idea.

Florida Pollyticks

Calls to Havana enliven U.S. debate of Cuba travel – Nation – MiamiHerald.com

WASHINGTON — On one phone line was a senator from Florida talking to a hunger-striking dissident in Central Cuba about how President Barack Obama must resist “commercial temptation.”

In another office on Capitol Hill, the call was with an opposition journalist in Havana, telling a crowded press conference that contact between Americans and Cubans is “of the utmost importance.”

Lawmakers wrestling over whether to allow Americans to visit Cuba phoned dissident leaders on the island Thursday to underscore support for their opposing stances.

Everglades questions grow as deal shrinks | HeraldTribune.com | Sarasota Florida | Southwest Florida’s Information Leader

Gov. Charlie Crist’s shrunken $533 million Everglades land deal will not restore the River of Grass and would leave the state with thousands of acres of low-value orange groves.

Tim Mahoney divorce: The wife of former U.S. Rep. Tim Mahoney has had eight people served with subpoenas to testify in depositions, including two women with whom Mahoney has reportedly had affairs. — South Florida Sun-Sentinel.com

Terry Mahoney filed for divorce on Oct. 20, a week after it was reported her 52-year-old husband paid Patricia Allen of Hobe Sound, a former staffer with whom he was romantically linked, $121,000 out of his own pocket to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit Allen threatened.

O-ho! Another Country Heard From!

Shy, rich farmers thrust in spotlight as players in U.S. Sugar deal

…the Lawrence footprint is all over Florida. Lawrence Sr.’s Premier Citrus LLC, based in Vero Beach, is the largest citrus fruit grower for the fresh market on Florida’s east coast.

Now, the biggest land deal of all has thrust the farming family into an unaccustomed spotlight: The Lawrence Group has launched what amounts to a hostile takeover bid for U.S. Sugar, just as the state is sealing a deal to buy 181,000 acres from the company to help restore the Everglades.