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“The Flower Duet (Lakmé)” – Léo Delibes

This is one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written.  If you disagree, don’t bother to comment; your opinion carries no credibility at all.

Superstition ain’t just a song

I really have to comment on this.

Do these people really think that the Mormons have enough juice to affect souls after death?  And if they do, why aren’t they Mormons too? Me, I’d hang with the folks who had the most influence upstairs.

Listen, the LDS folks can believe whatever they want. But when the Jews – who don’t even BELIEVE in baptism — get chuffed, that’s plain silly. Why not just laugh it off?

Slate: Can I Get on the Mormon “Do Not Baptize” List? http://goo.gl/mag/RjIQO

What does the “C” stand for? — Murrmurrs

Murr does it again!

The C-string is designed for women who find the thong too dowdy. Referring to it as underpants is like calling Roast Bacterium an entrée. It is an attempt to reduce the underwear to its most essential part. If you wanted a more minimalist approach, you could just knit your pubic hair in place.  Read more…