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What is it with this guy Trump…

…and why is the Republican Party continuing to put up with him?  He’s embarrassed the whole country in front of the rest of the world, handed China the keys to becoming the world’s leader, insulted whole religions (not to mention some of the largest ethnic groups in the world), made a travesty of his office, and lied so often that if you find it necessary for me to give examples, you’ve been drinking so much drool-aid that you wouldn’t believe them anyway.

AND, he’s taking stuff away from the very people who elected him: jobs (regardless of what he says, job creation is down), income (check out the budget revisions carefully), health care, educational opportunities…

The list goes on and on, not to mention the way his immaturity, low self-esteem, impulsiveness and senility are rapidly leading us toward another war.  And this one will be even less winnable than the laughable “war” on terror, and potentially far more deadly. Keep in mind that wars are fought by the poor, not by the rich who start them.

I think what upsets me most about this whole thing is that many of these things were obvious waaaay before the election, and it wasn’t difficult to project them onto the office of President under The Donald.  The fact that 46% of the popular vote went to the man speaks volumes about the way the electorate has been dumbed down by slanted newscasts, slanted posts on social media, and the general lack of civics education over the past forty or so years.

In fairness, when people have been denied the opportunity to learn about how government works, they can hardly be expected to recognized overblown promises and/or downright lies when they hear them.  On the other hand, there’s ignorance, and then there’s willful ignorance.  The first is excusable, the second unforgivable.  If a person needs to participate in an important endeavor, it is up to them to make sure they have all the information they need to do it properly, not just the stuff force-fed to them by media and religious leaders who have their own agendas unrelated to reality and truth.

The folks who elected this maniac are going to pay big time for their mistakes.  Unfortunately, the rest of us will be paying right along with them.

Patriotism in the Age of the Phony

Patriotism in the Age of the Phony – Heather Michon – Open Salon

The rancorous voices are so loud that they are distracting us from the very real dangers that we face. There is a growing sense that we are at the end of the our American Empire. As I’ve said before, I think rumors of our demise are a bit premature, but the signs of stress are everywhere.

Our failure, if it comes, isn’t going to be because of geopolitical shifts. We’ve weathered those before. Our fate rests a lot closer to home. Somewhere along the road, we stopped thinking about ourselves as members of a grand democratic experiment, and so our democracy is dying.

All you hotshots who know how the country should be run — don’t forget to take the immigration test and find out if you can qualify for citizenship.  (If you’re under 45, I’m betting 75%.  If you’re under 30, I’m betting you flunk.)  We’ll take your word for it.  After all, if you lie you’re not hurting anyone but yourself, but your ignorance is hurting us all.

Jeb Bush proved he can lead with courage — OrlandoSentinel.com

Some political hack babbles:

As Floridians ask who would best succeed Martinez in the Senate, I believe that the best and most logical successor is Jeb Bush — not because he has proven that he can win, but because he has proven that he can lead.

via Jeb Bush proved he can lead with courage — OrlandoSentinel.com.

Whence cometh this stupid idea that Senators and Representatives are supposed to lead? Governors, yes.  Presidents, yes.  Military personnel, yes.  But it is not the job of people in Congress, and never has been.

We have an executive branch to lead.  The legislative branch of government is supposed to listen to the constituency, legislate according to their preferences, and advise the executive and consent to its actions — all with the guidance of the people.  They are listeners, occasionally counselors when cooler heads must prevail, but the … very … last … thing we want from them is leadership.  We are supposed to lead them. We have enough problems keeping the people we elected to lead under control!

This is another of the ridiculous misunderstandings that became inevitable when we stopped teaching basic civics in the schools.  Let’s re-elect the man who brought civics back to Florida schools — Bob Graham.  He understands how things are supposed to work.

Mary Ann Lindley lists a few of my other concerns, including:

It is too soon to think that his ascendency to the U.S. Senate would automatically do anything to ease what has become almost global animosity towards his brother. Besides, Bush is an executive branch kind of guy; he isn’t famous for playing well with others, as is essential in that collegial legislative club of 100.  MORE>>>