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First Impressions of Chrome, Google’s New Browser

After a couple of hours playing and tweaking, here are my first impressions of Google’s new browser, in no particular order.

  • Simple, quick Web-based install.  (Also installs Google Gears)
  • Very fast.  Built-in JAVA V8 engine renders JAVA-based pages, like AJAX, super quick.  (You really notice differences in server speed with this browser and a fast connection.)
  • Clean interface.  Simple to use.  Intuitive for anyone who uses Google applications such as Gmail or Google Docs.
  • Easy navigation via tabs.  (A tab-lock would be handy.)  Separate tabs for each application eat up about as much memory as Firefox, but the memory is returned when you close the tab. No discernible memory creep while standing idle.
  • Sandboxing (isolation) of activity in each tab keeps applications from interfering with each other.  In theory, crashing an app in one tab will not crash the browser.   Continue reading