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Handy-dandy guide to refuting the Birthers

…at some point, you’re likely to find out that a friend or relative is a Birther. Your Uncle Floyd will forward you a chain e-mail that says Obama was actually born in Kenya and there’s a Kenyan birth certificate that proves it and hundreds of government officials and reporters are in on a conspiracy to hide the truth of his ineligibility for the presidency from the public. And you will wonder: How can I possibly deal with all the falsehoods in this e-mail without disappearing down a rabbit hole? …

Well, wonder no more. In the spirit of public service, Salon has compiled this list of the most popular Birther myths, along with all the debunking you could ever ask for. Now you can just e-mail this list to Uncle Floyd and get on with your life.

Salon’s handy-dandy guide to refuting the Birthers | Salon News

Murr Tells It Like It Is — Birther De Blues

Murrmurrs: Birther De Blues

We’ve all heard of the “Birthers” by now, and isn’t it fun? It’s like when they found a group of Cro-Magnon people in some isolated island somewhere a while back. Here, in the face of all modernity, was a tribe of ancients who had not evolved in a significant manner since the Stone Age. And now here–right here!–in the middle of an America that had sent a man to the moon forty years ago is a tribe of Birther people without advanced cognitive abilities and who yet are able to lope off to the Burger King and bring down a Whopper….

I’ll say it again: whether they’re just uneducated and ignorant, or purposeful liars (and it’s got to be one or the other), the Birthers are the best thing that’s happened to the Democratic Party since Caribou Barbie.  You go, Murr!

Obama birthers ate my love child!

Obama birthers ate my love child! / The president is an alien! The Republican nutball fringe wants you! Apply now!

Do you know about “The birthers”? Have you been reading about this adorable little screamin’ rantin’ kookaburra ultra-right wing mini-movement that is right now hell-bent and heck-happy on hijacking the entire GOP agenda by questioning the veracity of President Obama’s birth certificate?

It’s true. The birthers are, apparently, a horde of fringe Republican funbots who are attempting to prove that the president was not actually born in Honolulu to mixed-race parentage back in August of ’61, but instead was really spawned in some sort of bizarre test-tube experiment in a secret underground bunker in the ’20s, somewhere in Islamabad and is really a handsome, radical Muslim fundamentalist robot who just so happens to enjoy mom jeans and has a wicked jump shot. Or something….

Mark’s right. These people are the most wonderful thing to happen to the Democratic party since Sarah Palin.