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Street Painting Festival, Lake Worth, FL (2012)

Église Saint-Nicolas in Civray (Dennis Aubrey)

Just wanted those of you who aren’t familiar with this guy’s work to have a chance to see it.

Civray in the Vienne is a thriving market town almost sixty kilometers south of Poitiers. I lived in the area for two years growing up but never saw Saint-Nicolas until October 2011. We came into the center of town on market day, which meant that every inch of space in the square was taken with vendors, vehicles and pedestrians. We despaired of finding a parking place close enough to the church to haul our equipment when a car pulled out in front of us a mere hundred yards from the center of the action. This reminded me of my mother’s parking prayer – “Hail Mary, full of grace, help me find a parking place,” which she swears has never failed her.

The bustle of activity in the square belied the quiet interior of the 12th Century church, though, and we were able to shoot with almost no interruption for three…

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Police officers, reporters and other investigators know that you rarely get the same story from any two witnesses.  We filter the things we see quite thoroughly, through prior experience and expectations.  And then there are times when our eyes just flat out don’t get the job done — or, more precisely, when your brain can’t handle the information accurately.

The next time you’re convinced you know exactly what you saw, remember this:

Chess Board and Shadow Optical Illusion

Go ahead.  Check it out.  I didn’t believe it either until I used a color-matching tool.