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In My Next Life I’m Gonna Have A House Like This!

Simon Dale is a family man in Wales, the western part of Great Britain. His interest in self-sustainability and an ecological awareness led him to dig out and build his own home—one of the loveliest, warmest, most inviting dwellings you could ever imagine. And it cost him only £3,000, about $4,700 American dollars!

 Read about it and see lots more pictures HERE.

Boynton Beach: save or raze old high school

“All I hear is talk . . . talk is cheap and that’s what’s happened for the past three years,” said Taylor, a member of the Historic Palm Beach Preservation Board from 1988 to 1991. “I don’t see the historic significance. I think it has a sentimental value for a lot of people in Boynton. My school is probably older and that doesn’t make it historic, it just makes it old.”

Taylor, instead, suggests saving the schoolhouse’s facade. And if no one steps up with a solid plan complete with funding sources, Taylor’s ready to set the wrecking ball loose as soon as Tuesday, he said.

Boynton Beach considering whether to save or raze old high school — South Florida Sun-Sentinel.com

South Florida builders may face tougher water restrictions

The proposed changes to development practices are among a package of preservation measures in the works. That package includes new year-round watering restrictions and would go before the district’s governing board for a vote in April.

South Florida builders may face tougher water restrictions — South Florida Sun-Sentinel.com