Site Rules

I encourage comments. That said, I feel free to enforce standards of civility here. The First Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees your right to free speech without government interference.  I’m not the government, and I will interfere.  Contrary to a silly idea that seems prevalent today, you do not have the right to post here or anywhere else, except on your own pages. Someone is paying for every page on the Web, with various combinations of money and effort. They are the ones with the rights.

I am ready and willing to delete name-calling, cursing, or general disrespect toward me or others. This is especially true of ethnic or religious slurs. Our opinions about those may vary, but — like art — I know it when I see it. The same goes for comments that are not germane to the post or comment thread.  Pointless remarks will not be approved, and I won’t even feel guilty about it.

I prefer that people be willing to take responsibility for their views, so anonymity is a short route to comment oblivion if you don’t mind your manners.

I treat this blog as I treat my living room. If you come here and act like an ass, you’re out the door. And, as is true of my living room, I am the sole judge of what counts as asinine. Fair warning.

Finally, please capitalize, punctuate, and try to make some sense. This is a site for grownups, not undisciplined, poorly-educated children.