The Scarlet A

The Out Campaign: Scarlet Letter of Atheism

I am not an atheist.  I’m a non-believer, and it’s not the same thing whether you think so or not.  While I see no reason to believe in supernatural powers and beings, I am perfectly willing to admit that there are many things “in heaven and on earth,” etc.  If anything, I am ignostic, one who believes that there can be no intelligent discussion about god until everyone agrees on a definition.  (Don’t hold your breath on that one.)  I’m not sufficiently arrogant to claim that I have any answers when it comes to things that are impossible to verify or disprove — I simply don’t find them interesting beyond their anthropological and social implications.

That said, I do agree with most of the points that the Out Campaign is making.  I believe in reason.  I believe that your relationship with your imaginary friend gives you no right to project it onto governments, public education, health issues or the population at large.  I believe in freedom of thought and expression as long as your beliefs don’t infringe on my rights, and I have a serious problem with belief systems that try to justify meddling in other folks’ affairs by the authority of ancient myths.  In short, I think everyone ought to mind their own business.  Surely any real gods, if they exist, don’t need the help of hyper-intelligent apes to get their jobs done.

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Got an opinion? Keep it clean. Don't ask open-ended questions, like "Does the Pope belong to a coven?" Make it pertinent.

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