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We speak of “leaf litter,” but when we look attentively at the tiny world of a lichen, or the minuscule jungle of a bit of moss, or consider the complex chemistry that turns decaying leaves into the soil that supports their own tree, or the tree’s seedlings, it becomes clear that “litter” is not the right word.


Education The Way It Ought To Be (Don’t Miss This!)

You’ll be seeing a lot more about this here.  In fact, I’ll probably become a real pain in the ass about it.  This is the most exciting thing I’ve come across in a long time, and I expect to be involved and helping as much as I can.


Police officers, reporters and other investigators know that you rarely get the same story from any two witnesses.  We filter the things we see quite thoroughly, through prior experience and expectations.  And then there are times when our eyes just flat out don’t get the job done — or, more precisely, when your brain can’t handle the information accurately.

The next time you’re convinced you know exactly what you saw, remember this:

Chess Board and Shadow Optical Illusion

Go ahead.  Check it out.  I didn’t believe it either until I used a color-matching tool.