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Your password has probably been stolen. Here’s what to do about it.

Getting a password manager is the most important way to improve your online security.


Flickr Uploader Gets The Job Done!

Flickr UploaderAs most folks know by now, the photo-sharing site Flickr has increased its free storage to 1 terabyte per account.  That’s 1000 gigabytes, friends, enough to store 100,000 images at 10 MB per, and lord only knows how many from your phone (in the neighborhood of half a million, at a guess).  Marissa Mayer is kicking ass and taking names since she took over as CEO of Yahoo!, and the acquisition and improvement of Flickr is one of the results.

Which is what this post is about.  Flickr Uploader is the best Android app I’ve run across for automatically uploading your phone images to you Flickr account.  You can choose to upload to a public or private folder, upload only when connected to WiFi, only when your device is plugged in, and (of course) choose what images you want uploaded.

I’ve got my Nexus 7 and GS III set to dump everything into a private page, which allows me go sort through the junk and decide what photos I want to see the light of day.  Win-win: display the images I want, and automatically back them up to an essentially limitless place in the cloud.

You can get a 7-day free trial of the premium version.  It’s $4.99 if you decide to keep it, otherwise you can download a less-sophisticated version from the builder’s website and use it for free.  There’s a version for that other operating system, too.

Get it at the Google Play Store — and enjoy!

Free Tutorials On Hundreds Of Subjects

Dig down in the categories.  You’ll be amazed!  Then watch a couple.  This is education like you’ve never seen it before, but you’ll be seeing it again.  Now you have no further excuse for not pursuing that interest you’ve been putting off.  Except fear.