The Regal Ringneck Snake


As a whole, snakes are among the most colorful of animals, but some of these slithering reptiles elevate this characteristic to an entirely new level.  Allow me to present Diadophis punctatus regalis, the regal ringneck snake.  Indigenous to the desert southwest of North America, this snake is a more magnificently colored subspecies of the widely distributed ringneck snake (Diadophis punctatus).  The regal ringneck snake is a charming shade of shiny blue-gray with a yellow clergyman’s collar and a jet black head—a color palette which would certainly get a person noticed at Delmonico’s but which hardly seems exceptional in an order of animals which includes parti-color beauties like the coral snake, the milk snake, and the paradise tree snake.  But initial appearances can be deceptive!  If the regal ringneck coral snake is threatened, it will roll over on its back and expose a belly which comes from the…

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