Phone Cameras Come Of Age

Samsung Galaxy S III with CameraZOOM FX


4 thoughts on “Phone Cameras Come Of Age

  1. My wife has one of those new jobbies and it not only takes the picture, but sends it home to her laptop. I am old school, I still carry around a camera.

    Might as well take that Eplurbisunum off the dime … all that is going out the window now, more and more each day.


    • Mine sends it to the cloud, and that syncs to all my computers. I still carry a pro-level camera on occasion, but I find I carry it much less than I used to.

      While I don’t discuss politics on this blog, I do feel constrained to ask how “Out Of Many, One” is tarnished by current events. The election was by a majority of the citizenry, who made unfettered choices. While we may or may not agree with the choices, I think that national elections illustrate the concept extremely well: the residents of all the states coming together to make national decisions.

      • Well, as usual I have it wrong Bill. I thought the Latin was “in God we trust.” Sorry. This week they are using some Hindu Text to swear in a Senator that was born in Japan and some guy out of Mich. is using the Quaran. So, it is pretty clear a lot of things are changing these days.

        Sorry for the mix up.


        • Well, Christians and Jews can swear on the Bible, Atheists can affirm, the Muslims worship the same god as the Christians and Jews, so I guess the poor Hindus will just have to fend for themselves.

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