Take Me Home, by Ray Bradbury – June 4, 2012 — The New Yorker

Take Me Home

by Ray Bradbury – June 4, 2012

I would go out to that lawn on summer nights and reach up to the red light of Mars and say, “Take me home!” I yearned to fly away and land there in the strange dusts that blew over dead-sea bottoms toward the ancient cities.

I wish I believed you were, Ray.  I really, truly do.


5 thoughts on “Take Me Home, by Ray Bradbury – June 4, 2012 — The New Yorker

  1. George Hayles

    I really liked this post Bill. He was a great man. I for one, think he is exactly where he wants to be, Mars and many other places of his choosing. He is having a ball.

    I tried to +1 your post on my G+ account. I probably did something wrong but wanted to report my steps in case the problem was you website. Here is what I did.

    1. Clicked the pull down list next to your Share to Facebook icon.
    2. Selected G+ by clicking it on your PD list.
    3. Added my personal comments.
    4. Selected Share Publicly.

    Unfortunantly the share to my G+ account did not work. I tried several times but finally had to go directly to my G+ account and post directly.

    Just in case this might not be my error, I wanted to alert you.

    1. Bill Post author

      Thanks, George. I’m pleased that you enjoyed the post. I’ll check out the G+ issue. If it’s a problem I need to tell WordPress about it.

    1. Bill Post author

      Too right, Mike. Zen in the Art of Writing, along with Strunk and White, are always nearby, and frequently read.

      The photo was such great luck! I was in a hurry, and it was the first thing that popped up when I googled “Hubble images.”

      Thanks for stopping by.


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