Why haven’t I been answering your email? Here’s why.

A family member wondered why I’d been absent from the email scene for a couple of days.  My answer:

Basically, I’ve been ignoring email as much as possible, and deleting a lot of the rest.  I need a break.  I’m tired of spending hours a day futzing around with junk mail and vetting links and articles that I really have no interest in, because people with whom I have little in common think it amounts to “staying in touch” in lieu of actually communicating.

Another problem is collective mailing lists.  Hit a button and bother ALL your contacts, not just a chosen few.  I’ve never done shotgun mailings except for necessary family announcements, and it pisses me off.

If I sound grumpy, it’s because I am.  I’m sick of having electronics and people who misuse them intruding in my life, and I’m seriously considering reading personal mail only, and ignoring all links, videos, cute cats and other glurge. I make a good part of my living in front of a computer, spend hours at it, and I’m less and less interested in screwing around with them when I don’t really have to.

The email is one major reason I no longer consider it fun.  It’s really too bad the things don’t cost 43 cents apiece the way snail mail does; it might slow people down a bit.  It’s just too damn easy to paste something and hit “enter” without any conscious thought, or any consideration for the people who have to wade through it.

So if you have something to tell me, please feel free. I am not, however, interested in your political views, your religious ideas disguised as photographic displays, or other mindless forwarding of useless crap. If you want to interact, I’ll join in. If your best efforts are going to waste my time, fahgeddaboudit!

There.  I said it, and I’m glad.  If you agree, send this around to all your friends. Just don’t put my name on it.

4 thoughts on “Why haven’t I been answering your email? Here’s why.

  1. Bird

    I agree with your thoughts on this matter. But I’m hitting “like” on it because you used the word “glurge”. Because that is what I’m trolling posts for this morning — glurge… 🙂

    I changed my email address to hotmail because they have a sweep feature that sweeps all but personal emails into the deleted folder, and I never have to even see them…

    Have a good day!

    — Bird

    1. Bill Post author

      I use Gmail because it has granular controls. I can filter subject lines, addresses, even words in the body of the email. The problems come from people I know who send unnecessary crap. Can’t live with ’em, or without ’em. I automatically filter stuff like “This Is Funny,” “LOL,” in the subject line, on the theory that if they can’t bother to tell me what it’s about, then I can’t bother to read it. Still, there’s a big gray area. The answer is for people to use common sense which is, unfortunately, an oxymoron.

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