A Few Words About Unskillful Thinking In Political Discourse

It’s always a mistake to sell the other side short.  There is no question in my mind about the sincerity of the great majority on both sides of the political fence.  Whether the ideas are based on religious belief, differing economic theories or whatever, whether we agree or not, whether we think them wonderful, crazy, or just plain wrong, there is no reason to doubt that most of us are good people who are doing what we believe to be right — regardless of whether we are liberal or conservative.  Those labels alone are inaccurate.  No one is totally one or the other.  People who abhor the thought of abortion use birth control.  People who call this a welfare state contribute to charitable causes.  And all of us are, to a degree, hypocrites.  None of us live up to the beliefs we claim 100%.

I am seriously put off by the common acceptance of the idea that Conservatives/Liberals are nuts, or trying to run other people’s lives, or whatever.  While those things may be true from our point of view (or theirs), they are no more deserving of attention than are convictions to the contrary.  They’re just differing opinions about how the country should be governed, and how its moral direction should be determined, and demonizing those who think that way simply prevents us from learning from each other.

It’s the refusal of people to see their opponents as having a point of view that may have some merit, and instead downgrading them to “ignorant,” or “stupid,” or “religious,” or “Atheist” that has led to the current state of politics.  It has to stop someplace, and it needs to begin with individuals who have sense enough to understand the difference between discomfort with another point of view and intrinsic error.

When we stop perpetuating the black and white mythology and begin to understand the shades of gray that color all human thought and interaction, we’ll be on the way to solving problems.  Thinking of our opponents as the lesser side of any question blinds us to truths, prejudices our ideas, prevents us from gleaning anything useful from people with whom we disagree, and generally marks us as same sort of ignorant folks we’re ranting about.

2 thoughts on “A Few Words About Unskillful Thinking In Political Discourse

  1. jonolan

    The only flaw in your logic is that “there is no reason to doubt that most of us are good people who are doing what we believe to be right” isn’t true. People can be doing what they believe is right and still be very, very evil because what they believe is right is evil in and of itself.

    History gives us plenty of example of whole societies engaging in the worst sorts of evil when the vast majority of their people firmly believed that they were doing what was right.


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