Atlantic Coast Line Station, Sebring, FL (ca. 1928)

Built in 1924, and still in use by AmTrak.AmTrak Sebring FL

4 thoughts on “Atlantic Coast Line Station, Sebring, FL (ca. 1928)

  1. Ted

    In the ’40s and ’50s the Seaboard Airline Railway, using the railroad station in Sebring, was the route of three of Ameriica’s most famous trains. They were the Silver Streak, the Silver Star and The Orange Blosson Special.

    1. Bill Post author

      The Sebring Amtrak station (also known as the Old Sebring Seaboard Air Line Depot as well as the Seaboard Air Line Passenger Station) is a historic train station in Sebring, Florida, United States currently served by Amtrak, the national railroad passenger system. Located on East Center Avenue, the station was constructed in 1924 by the Seaboard Air Line Railway. On March 16, 1990, it was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

      Of the eighteen Florida stations served by Amtrak, Sebring was the fifteenth-busiest in FY2011, boarding or detraining an average of approximately 55 passengers daily. (Wikipedia)


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