Superstition ain’t just a song

I really have to comment on this.

Do these people really think that the Mormons have enough juice to affect souls after death?  And if they do, why aren’t they Mormons too? Me, I’d hang with the folks who had the most influence upstairs.

Listen, the LDS folks can believe whatever they want. But when the Jews – who don’t even BELIEVE in baptism — get chuffed, that’s plain silly. Why not just laugh it off?

Slate: Can I Get on the Mormon “Do Not Baptize” List?

2 thoughts on “Superstition ain’t just a song

  1. writer71Austin Bassett

    It continues to amaze me that intelligent beings engage in the belief that their chosen brand of religious observance is the one and only way to get back to God.

    Don’t these religious folks know the The Great White Cat [The Supreme Universal Being] Loves us all equally……we are all her kittens and She has no runts!!

    Perhaps some of us need to wait until our transition back into spirit and check out the Akashic Records…..we might be in for a few surprises. AWB


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