What does the “C” stand for? — Murrmurrs

Murr does it again!

The C-string is designed for women who find the thong too dowdy. Referring to it as underpants is like calling Roast Bacterium an entrée. It is an attempt to reduce the underwear to its most essential part. If you wanted a more minimalist approach, you could just knit your pubic hair in place.  Read more…

4 thoughts on “What does the “C” stand for? — Murrmurrs

        1. Bill Post author

          Murr is one of the most consistently funny people I know, and manages to intersperse just enough good sense with the zaniness to add a little meat to what she writes. Of all the blogs I read, hers is one of the three or four that I am completely unwilling to forgo. I save up a batch, then read them out loud to my-wife-the-shrink so that we can laugh together. I’d hoped to see her at the New River Nature Festival in WV this coming April, but budget and logistics are going to make that impossible. A real bummer.


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