Seven Things To Consider Before Sending That Email

Do my recipients need to see this?  Will it enhance their day?  Really?

Do my recipients want to see this?  (If you don’t know them well enough to say for sure, don’t send it.  “Can’t hurt to send it” isn’t a reason.)

Was I specific in the subject line?  (Some folks, me included, automatically delete mail with subjects like “You HAVE to see this!”, or “Forward: Forward: Forward.”)

Have I removed all the forwarded addresses that came with it, so that all those folks don’t have their addresses sent to a bunch of strangers (and maybe spammers)?

Have I Blind Copied (BCC) the people I’m sending it to?  (See above).

Is there any possibility that it will offend someone on the list, or make them think less of me?  (Weak disclaimers like “I don’t care who you are, this is funny!” don’t get it, Charlie Brown; offensive is offensive.)

Do I occasionally send out personal emails, or is all my human contact through other people’s forwarded ideas?

Think about it, OK?  Your correspondents will thank you.  I promise that I’ll think about it, too.

Got an opinion? Keep it clean. Don't ask open-ended questions, like "Does the Pope belong to a coven?" Make it pertinent.

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