Sears Death Watch?

Slate: Sears Death Watch

4 thoughts on “Sears Death Watch?

  1. ldsrr91

    Most the Sears stores in OKC are dead zones, and when they have a sale, it is still higher than you can find it at other locations. They have just about totally non existent customer service and I for one, stopped going there years ago.

    I am surprised that they have held on this long to tell you the truth Bill.


    1. Bill Post author

      Sears failed to adapt. The old-line retail chains that have continued to flourish did so in one of three ways: they stuck to areas where they have no real competition (Penney’s), adapted to the new ecosystem, streamlining inventory and creating their own level playing field (Target), or they created a niche that isn’t profitable on a large scale but fills a need, like Ace Hardware (where do you go when you need some gadget that you can’t find at Home Depot?). I’m afraid that Amazon is going to kill specialty spots like Ace eventually, but perhaps there will remain a few places where you can go and handle things before purchasing and speak with people who know what they’re doing.

      The real rule number one in the jungle isn’t eat or be eaten — everything eats and is eventually eaten — it’s adapt or die.

        1. Bill Post author

          We get our car serviced there…the one that’s out of warranty. Don’t recall the last time I bought anything else. I looked at shoes a few months ago. Didn’t find what I needed.


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