“The American People”

Have you ever noticed how certain politicians use the phrase “The American People want…” as a virtual mantra, without ever specifying any figures to back up the statement?  You watch.  When you hear that phrase, it’s always in a context where someone wants to give an idea weight, but doesn’t have (or want to show) the figures.

Well, y’know what?  Some of my ancestors go back to the 17th Century in “America,” and others were here to meet the boat.  I’m without question an American person, and I resent being lumped into a bunch of sloppy statistics to make questionable statements look more valid.

Just sayin’.

2 thoughts on ““The American People”

  1. ldsrr91

    One expression I hear quite a bit, I loathe.

    “I am going to give the American people the leadership they want and deserve.”

    You want to make me happy … Leave me alone.


  2. k0811568

    I have to say I agree with you Bill (and nicely put), I’m hugely interested in political rhetoric myself and I’ve just started up a blog of my own as part of my coursework towards my degree in politics and media… looking for followers right now as i’m fairly new to this. So if you have a minute would you mind checking it out?


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