The World at 7 Billion: Can We Stop Growing Now?

With global population expected to surpass 7 billion people this year, the staggering impact on an overtaxed planet is becoming more and more evident. A two-pronged response is imperative: empower women to make their own decisions on childbearing and rein in our excessive consumption of resources.

The World at 7 Billion: Can We Stop Growing Now? by Robert Engelman: Yale Environment 360.

This is a good article, well-considered and -presented.  Unfortunately, most of the people who need to heed probably don’t read publications from Yale.

So what if the world’s overpopulated, half of its citizens don’t get enough to eat, and the sea level’s rising?  Let’s just go out and have another half dozen kids for the greater honor and glory of our local deity.  (Pardon me if I seem bitter.  My granddaughter’s got to live in the pile of shit we’re leaving behind, and it’s mostly due to people who put myth ahead of common sense.)

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