Smoke and Shadows

Israel ‘delegitimization’: The ‘delegitimization’ of Israel is a distraction –,0,1885732.story

2 thoughts on “Smoke and Shadows

  1. Clif Sipe

    I agree. The term de-legitimizing is “smoke and mirrors”. I’ve defended Israel in the past, until I finally realized … they don’t need my help. They don’t need our help. I’d be pleased to see us (U.S.) drop all foreign aid that helps kill people (war), bring all our troops home, and stop interfering in other people’s fights. If someone attacks us? They know what to expect.
    I think someone told me that I’m a neo-isolationist. Meh … so be it. LOL

    1. crackerboy44

      I don’t believe I’d go quite that far, Clif. I think there are legitimate reasons for using force outside the country, but they are few and far between. I’d probably go along with action based on humanitarian considerations — if I were convinced they were genuine.

      It really doesn’t matter what we think, though. The economy of the US is based on war, and the people who pay the Bills — and the Bobs and the Joes and the rest — in DC aren’t about to become Buddhists and turn their backs on their cash cow. That cow is really sacred (to mix religions just a bit).


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