I’m betting on the grasshoppers, not the ants.

UN: Only Green Technology Can Avert ‘Planetary Catastrophe’ http://www.ens-newswire.com/ens/jul2011/2011-07-05-02.html

“A comprehensive global energy transition is urgently needed in order to avert a major planetary catastrophe,” the report warns.


Author: Bill

Stumbling down the Middle Path, one day at a time.

2 thoughts on “I’m betting on the grasshoppers, not the ants.”

  1. I like your short posts on things like population, climate change and especially the recent one on the Republican Party — you’re right, they’re crazy.

  2. I just came across this post while TagSurfing. I too write the occational post about Climate Change over on my blog about economics and theology. Check it out and thanks for being part of this important conversation.

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