The Real Reason For Wars

AGM-114 Hellfire missile

Every time some poor farm kid from rural North Carolina fires his M-16, it represents another 24 cents for a huge multinational company. Every time some 22-year-old gamer in front of a console launches a Hellfire missile from his drone, it represents another $68,000 for Lockheed-Martin. Every Class-7 FFG (Fast Frigate) costs taxpayers $50 million a year ($1.5 billion over its lifetime), much of that money going to multinational companies that supply fuel, but the majority going to personnel costs of the 181 sailors on board.  (At least they have jobs.)

War is about economics. Every war.  Even the do-gooder wars. The secret, as Jerry McGuire shouted, is “Show me the money!”  The bare fact of the matter is that the US economy would collapse if we didn’t have a war every few years.  So don’t scream about Obama pulling the troops out too slowly.  Instead, scream about the political and economic system that put them in harm’s way to begin with.

And do something to change it.  Don’t wait for some miracle from Washington; it ain’t gonna happen.  They know which side their bread’s buttered on, up there.

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