Now that The Donald has officially declared what anyone with an ounce of sense already knew, it’s time for us all to look back on the attention we gave his foolishness.

It was clear from the start that his winning a nomination, let alone an election, was about as likely as Sarah Palin showing up nude in a PETA ad, so why did we even bother to notice?  (That begs the question of why does anyone watch his idiotic “reality” show, but never having watched it I’m not qualified to speak about that particular pathology.)

Thing is, I know that the media think we’re mindless drones who will swallow anything as long as it’s not too complicated, but I was amazed at the number of people who not only seemed to take him seriously, but even said they thought he’d make a good candidate.

Might as well speed up the global warming, because the species is on a downhill slide already.

2 thoughts on “Trumped

  1. william wallace

    If turning up nude at meetings gave one more oppertunity
    of becoming president / then it be more than Sarah whom
    remove clothing. All of course done in the greater sacrifice
    in an preservation of / christianity / democracy /freedom.


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