Remarks on the bin Laden operation

Surprise!  Osama bin Laden’s demise took place after exactly the sort of operation that I predicted would take him out, 9 years ago, when George the Second was instigating the Afghanistan fiasco.

I’m no military expert, but I was a reasonably competent cop.  When you go out to catch a criminal, you don’t field an army.  Armies are ridiculously easy for an individual to avoid.  Saddam Hussein was captured because of local intelligence, as was bin Laden. Investigators asked the right questions of the right people, got interesting answers, and went on from there.  Osama was brought down by police work, not military effort. When all the information was gathered and examined, all the ducks lined up, then SWAT went in and did their thing.

I have two things to say: I told you so, and where’s my share of the two trillion dollars? Don’t we get a refund?

“Never get involved in a land war in Asia.” – General Douglas MacArthur

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