Outdoor And Feral Cats Are The Worst Invasive Species In North America

Anyone who has ever owned an outdoor cat knows that cats kill wildlife. It’s in their nature. Whether hungry or not they’ll stalk and pounce, killing their prey and, often, depositing the corpses on doorsteps like hard-won trophies. Pet owners may throw away the victims with a twinge of guilt, then convince themselves that one little cat can’t possibly make a difference in the balance of nature. It’s time to think again….…To help educate policymakers and the public about this issue, TWS has created five Fact Sheets about stray, feral, and outdoor cats. Perhaps by understanding the impacts of outdoor cats, people on all sides of the issue will begin to develop solutions that not only benefit cats, but also the native wildlife we hope to conserve.http://www.enn.com/press_releases/3670

Small chance of that happening.  “Oh, poor pussy would be so upset if she couldn’t get her fresh air!” Let there be no mistake: I love cats.  I am absolutely dotty about cats — never met one I didn’t like. But right is right, sentiment is sentiment, and wrong — is just plain wrong.

1 thought on “Outdoor And Feral Cats Are The Worst Invasive Species In North America

  1. ldsrr91

    Man, that is an incredibly interesting article Bill, thanks for sharing that with me. I knew it was a problem, but not to the extent that it was explained, just incredible.

    Don Smith


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