Ethnic Hero of Vietnam War Can’t Be Buried At Arlington

Gen. Vang Pao

I’m not buying this bullshit!  The Hmong and Gen. Pao gave up their right to live in their own country as a direct consequence of fighting for the same causes as (allegedly) the US was fighting for, and Gen. Pao himself fought alongside the French and US in three wars.  I won’t make direct comparisons here, but he’s as much an American hero as a lot of other folks who are buried at Arlington (and more — much more — than some).

As far as the excuse of  “taking the place of a US servicemember” is concerned, Arlington can’t even find the graves of some of the people they’ve interred, or they’ve lost the records.  They don’t even know if they have room.

You’re not seeing this reported in the US media either, are you?

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