So, here we are…

Another year.  Whoopee.

I get the idea of new beginnings, fresh starts and so forth, but I also get that we tend to take our issues, problems and other stuff with us into the future, unless we make serious long-term efforts to do something about them.  Most of us would do well to stick with one resolution, and make a year-long project of changing something basic about ourselves, rather than writing up a list that will end up in the trash the next time we clean off the refrigerator.

I also get that a new year accentuates the fact that time is passing.  That may not be a big deal to your average 20-year-old, but when you’re past the middle of your 7th decade, the idea becomes much more immediate.  Time is the only thing we have, as living beings, that can’t be replaced.  I’ve wasted my share, but lately it has become far more important than it usta wuz.

I think older folks notice the passage of time more than younger ones because a year is such a large percentage of our remaining lives compared to, say, our twenty-year-old, whose next year will represent only(roughly) 1/60th of his or her remaining span. When you reach the point where there is no really good reason to expect that the next year might not be your last, it makes you think about using it well.

I don’t mean to sound morose about this, because I’m not.  Despite some major setbacks, I’ve had a pretty good life by comparison with most folks in the world, and my present days are the best ever.  To the extent that they become sweeter as the time ahead grows shorter, maybe thinking about our mortality from time to time is a good thing.

And my other point, made many times before by many more wise than I, is that none of us know which day might be our last. If we can remember that, our behavior is likely to change pretty much on its own.  But, of course, fear of the passage of time and its inevitable result leads to denial of all sorts of things.  Even those who believe they’ll go on to bigger and better things seem to be in no hurry to get to them.

Anyway, Happy New Year!

Use it well.

1 thought on “So, here we are…

  1. Murr Brewster

    I think about this a lot, too, in between thinking about fun things and thinking about nothing much. I tend to give myself a lot of leeway, assuming I’ll hit 100–because people do–and even then, time has gotten dwindly. But what a good ride it is.


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