What Does “Average Taxpayer” Really Mean?

According to WaPo, the Deficit Commission’s possible recommendations will result in a tax increase of about $1,700 for the “average taxpayer.”

Arithmetically, the only way to establish that would be to divide the total projected increase by the total number of taxpayers in the US. Since (presumably) the people with the highest incomes would be paying much higher taxes than — say — me, then logically I would be paying less than $1,700 dollars. Probably a lot less.

You have to speak carefully when talking about the “average” anything. The word is extremely precise, and outside of arithmetic it is rarely used accurately.

We’ll see…

In any case, it’s “pay me now or pay me later.” I’m more than willing to pay my fair share so that my granddaughter won’t have to suffer the consequences of fiscal irresponsibility by my generation. She’s going to have enough problems.

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